Meditation Flash Mobs Promote Peace

A meditation flash mob in the state capitol in Austin, Texas.
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A meditation flash mob in the state capitol in Austin, Texas.

You may have noticed them: Groups of people silently coming together in public spaces to sit in meditation. If you have, you may not have known that it was a flash mob, those artful gatherings that seem to come out of nowhere and when over, leave not a trace behind.

Since 2011, the organization MedMob, which calls itself a Global Flash Mob Meditation Movement, has been enlisting meditators to come together to sit for world peace. The next event happens Nov. 11.

The movement got its start in a seemingly auspicious way. In 2010, Patrick Kronfli was traveling from India back home to Austin, Texas, and decided to meditate. During his meditation he had a vision: hundreds of people gathered in silent, leaderless meditation outside the state capitol. When he got home, he shared the vision with two friends, who, inexplicably, told him they had both experienced the same vision during their own meditations.

"It was so powerful to think of connecting in the public as a group, to pause for a moment and just allow a new stream of consciousness to go through," he recalls.

The friends knew they had to make it happen. They started a Facebook page publicizing a flash mob meditation. Approximately 60 people showed up. "It was so powerful and moving, and I knew I wanted to do it again," Kronfli said. When they did it the next month, there were 250 participants.

A video posted to Facebook and to created enough buzz that the movement spread to other cities. It was clear they were on to something that could make a difference in people's lives.

This year, on Sept. 21, MedMeb joined several other organizations for Be the Peace, a larger scale meditation movement to celebrate the International Day of Peace. With 248 cities participating, it turned into a platform for more than people already committed to the cause to come together, Kronfli said, but a chance to invite the masses to join in a prayer and meditation for world peace.

In addition to MedMob's November event, there will be another in December. To see how you can participate or coordinate a meditation flash mob in your city, visit