New Teacher-Led Anusara School

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After the fall of founder John Friend, the resignation of many prominent teachers, and months of rebuilding and restructuring, there has been a lot of confusion about what will be next for Anusara Yoga. Earlier this week a new, independent, teacher-led Anusara School of Hatha Yoga (ASHY) announced by email its plans for moving forward.

The mission of the new school is to promote and maintain the integrity of the Anusara method through policies set by Anusara licensed teachers. ASHY is led by Anusara teachers Andrea Boni, BJ Galvan, Kai Hill, Christy Nones McKenzie, Jane Norton, Charly Pivert, Jackie Prete, and Doc Savage.

The new school has exclusive legal rights to all Anusara registered trademarked materials and has the authority to set and maintain teacher certification standards. What does that mean for Anusara teachers? The teachers who are currently licensed through Anusara Inc., including those who resigned after January 2012, can now choose to be members of Anusara School of Hatha Yoga and reinstated as Anusara teachers.

ASHY asked that teachers get in touch with interim regional coordinator to become involved in the governing body. These interim teams will eventually be replaced with elected representatives. "Our ultimate vision is that the ASHY is teacher-led, governed by a Global Board of Directors made up of Certified Anusara yoga teachers, Anusara-Inspired teachers, and Anusara yoga students that democratically represent all the regions of the world," explained the email.

John Friend has been supportive but is "not directly involved" in any of the decision process. However, since Friend still owns Anusara, Inc., ASHY will forward a percentage of teacher licensing fees to the corporation, according to the ASHY website.

Read the full email here, and take a look at the website at for more information.