Pretty Woman Converts to Hindu Woman


America's red-headed sweet heart has been seduced by the spiritual lures of India. Julia Roberts told Elle that she is "definitely a practicing Hindi" after her time in India filming the upcoming Eat, Pray, Love. USA Today followed up on the cover interview with a story Sunday.

According to
a 2009 Associated Press story relying on The Times of India
newspaper, Roberts' children have been given Hindu names. It quoted a Hindu priest, Swami Dharam Dev, as saying

have named her twins Hazel and Phinnaeus as Laxmi and Ganesh, while
Henry will be called Krishna Balram."

No word yet on whether or not Roberts' practices yoga, since of
course being Hindu does not require it. USA Today was also quick to distinguish the difference between practicing yoga and practicing Hindism, but couldn't resist posting an image of Sarah Palin in Tree Pose as an argument for the "poses don't have to be spiritual" side. (We couldn't resist either.)

"Yet, we have been doing Hindu-Lite
for years, sampling of the flavor
, images and style of a
6,000-year-old faith but with no actual theology involved. Anywhere you
look you can find loose chatter about dharma (a way of living
leading to spiritual advancement) and karma ( the "neutral,
self-perpetuating law of the inner cosmos," Hindu monk Sannyasin
Arumugaswami, editor of Hinduism Today magazine, said in
2006) .

Yoga Journal estimated at that time that nearly a third of
folks who try the 5,000-year-old Hindu physical and meditative
discipline, say they're seeking 'spiritual development.'

Is yoga spiritual for you, or is it simply a good work out?

Erin Chalfant is a
writer, yoga teacher and the Web Editor at Yoga Journal.