On a Roll


Yoga on wheels. No, not spinning. (So 2005!) Think
rollerblades instead. The latest unnecessary but totally fun yoga-exercise mash-up,
Mobile Yoga has inline skaters turning all their favorite asanas into
balancing poses by performing them on wheels. Think of a floating Fierce Pose,
a wind-whipped Warrior III, or a gliding Garudasana and you'll get the picture.
Founder Kris Fondran is an inline skating instructor with a masters in exercise
science; she's also a certified yoga instructor with some serious cred (trained
in Satyananda Yoga, she received mantra diksha initiation from Paramahamsa
Niranjanananda Saraswati in 2004). You can see the threads of her practice
emerge in her instruction, which is as much about breathing and awareness
building as it is about getting a great cardio workout. And though her Web site
looks totally L.A.--she's pictured posing against a background of blue skies,
beaches, and palm trees--Fondran is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Silly or sublime? Strap on your skates and decide for