Sue Jones

Founder and Director, yogaHOPE

YJ People's Choice Seva Award scholarship nominee, Good Karma Awards

Sue Jones

Founder and Director, yogaHOPE
Boston, Massachusetts

Acutely aware of how much yoga and mindfulness helped her recover from her own debilitating depression, Sue Jones began giving yoga classes to underserved women in recovery. What immediately struck her was the disparity between the programs being offered and the women’s desire for simple, effective ways they could take their yoga off their mats and into their lives.

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So in 2006 she founded YogaHOPE, a nonprofit that teaches yoga to women experiencing debilitating life transitions, such as establishing independence from domestic violence, finding self-sufficiency after being homeless, and recovering from drug addiction or sexual assault.

That led her to do research to develop TIMBo (Trauma-Informed Mind Body), a simple, accessible, and highly effective program to help women recovering from trauma learn to reprogram their body’s conditioned responses to stop the dangerous cycle of violence in families. YogaHOPE has also expanded its programs to women’s prisons in the U.S., as well as to Haiti, Kenya, Iran, and other places that have experienced extensive trauma.