Tara Stiles is Funny!

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Former Ford model turned yoga teacher Tara Stiles is no stranger to connecting to her audience through YouTube. The New York yoga teacher and owner of Strala Yoga, was interviewed earlier this month by the Wall Street Journal about her success on the video site.

Stiles is known for being Deepak Chopra's yoga asana teacher, for her relatable approach to yoga and fitness, and her casual online videos, but a video she released last week shows she has quite a sense of humor, too.

She teamed up with Heidi Kristoffer and Livestrong Woman to create "Totally Enlightened!" 9-minute video that pokes fun at some common yoga missteps such as spending exorbitant amounts of money on yoga products and trainings, following power-hungry gurus, and jumping onto the hottest fitness trends.

There are certainly some laugh-out-loud moments in this video (who among us hasn't become a little too attached to their regular "spot" in yoga class or been annoyed by a classmate who's a little too vocal?). Our favorite line from the video: "I wish you could Namaste, but you gotta nama-go."

Check it out!