Teacher Treks Across Country

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Portland, Maine yoga teacher Bernie McDonald wanted to go on trip that would satisfy his need for adventure and inspire others, too. He decided on a trip to see the many parts of the United States he’d never seen before. There was only one problem: He didn’t own a car, or even a bicycle.

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So he laced up his walking shoes and set out to walk from one coast to the other, taking yoga classes, connecting with local yoga communities, and raising awareness and money along the way.

“Walking centers you, as does yoga,” McDonald told Buzz. “[It helps you become] one with nature and one with yourself, which makes living in our natural environment very enjoyable. It’s all part of one big, healthy way to exist. Anyone who has walked home after yoga class knows exactly what I mean.” McDonald, who recently finished a 200-hour yoga teacher training, said the trip will be a hands-on extension of his yoga training.

He hopes he will inspire people to explore their relationship to community, live life with adventure, and be an example of the joy practicing yoga can bring. He also hopes that sharing his story of coping with depression and other life challenges will help inspire others to find healthy ways-such as walking, yoga, and community--to cope with their own struggles.

McDonald will be selling T-shirts and teaching donation classes to raise money, which he’ll donate to non-profit organizations. He expects the journey to the West Coast to take approximately 10 months, but he says it could take up to a year (he began walking in late August). He will end his travels somewhere on the coast of California, but he says he is letting the exact route unfold organically.

To learn more, visit Berndogyoga.com.