Tennis Star Trains with Yoga

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Yoga might be a key piece to tennis star Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory last Sunday. Murray has credited Bikram Yoga, the intense 90-minute heated practice, as helping him stay supple and improve his muscle tone.

The 26-year-old from Scotland became the first British male to win a Wimbledon title in 77 years.

After years of criticism that his lack of conditioning was keeping from fulfilling his promise, Murray enlisted a whole team of support including a sports psychologist, physiotherapists, and nutritionists, in addition to his coach. But yoga has kept him on his toes. "Until you do it you can't comment on how difficult it is," Murray was quoted in an article in The Independent. "It's tough. It's ugly."

Murray also won the US Open last year and is an Olympic gold medalist from the 2012 games.

Despite winning Wimbledon, he is still ranked number 2 behind Serbian Novak Djokovic. For the record, Djokovic also credits yoga for helping him with his game.