There's Always Hope

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Whenever yoga makes
it into the mainstream media, it tends to look like

one of the following:

1. A daffy trend story,
the main thrust of which is, "Gee, this yoga thing is

really catching

2. Overt mockery.


3. A prescription for an
awesome workout!

So we were surprised
last week to see--on CNN Headline News--a beautiful
little story about Sue Jones and the YogaHOPE foundation. Part of
the channel's "Breakthrough Women" series, the focus was on how
Jones used yoga to overcome her own severe depression and
suicidal thoughts--then founded a nonprofit organization aimed at
extending a lifeline to other women grappling with mental health issue.
Boston-based YogaHOPE brings yoga into drug and alcohol treatment
centers, halfway houses, homeless shelters, and other places where
"at risk" women tend to congregate. As Jones told CNN's Robin Meade,
"It was a desire of mine to teach yoga to women who I felt might be
at a crisis point in their lives, and might be on the verge of making a
very self-destructive or dangerous decision." We know, of course, that
practicing yoga leads to self transformation--but that's news to women
lost in the woods of addiction. Good news, a Jones says. Learn
more about the program--including how to participate or donate--at