Thinking About Teaching Yoga?

Yoga teacher-training programs are bursting at the seams with students looking to delve more deeply into their practices, supplement their income, or change careers entirely. New statistics from Yoga Alliance provides at glimpse of the landscape for these trainees.

If you're thinking that in 2012 you want to become a yoga teacher, join the club. According to statistics compiled by Yoga Alliance, there are now more than 50,000 yoga teachers in the U.S., and that number is growing.

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Some yoga practitioners dream of living the life of a nomadic traveling teacher. Others of someday owning their own studio. Other yogis, particularly in a still-uncertain economy, are turning to teaching yoga as a second source of income.

Is it really worth investing in that 200-hour-or-plus teacher training? Will there be a job out there for when you're done? Is it time to quit your day job? Here's an infographic, which first appeared on Teachasana (a website resource for yoga teachers), with all sorts of facts and figures from recent articles that might help you make up your mind.