Wish I was Wearing: Dude Duds


Hi guys, I hope you haven't been feeling left out of my outfit picks, because this week is all about the men! I know many of us, ladies included, often fall back on the standard black and white palette, but don't be afraid of a little color. It radiates such great energy.

I also know you certainly don't need a hat in yoga class, but this one by Prana was so cool I couldn't resist. Overall I was impressed with Prana's men's collection. Nice basic pieces with a few suprises thrown in. I also adore Toms shoes for men and the ladies, great style and a
great cause.

the details:
Impact Sleeveless shirt by Prana $32.00

Ultra Shorts by Patagonia $55.00

Straw Fedora by Prana $32.00

Paper Tote Bag by Peasants and Travelers $88.00

Grey Heezen/Burlap Men's Stitchouts shoes by Toms $58.00

Revolution Natural Sticky Mat $90.00