YJ and Presidential Brands

A survey of Facebook users offers a hypothetical brand outline of the 2012 presidential candidates based on their fans' interests.

There’s a lot to consider before casting your ballot for this year’s presidential election in November. For instance, where does each candidate stand on the economy? How would each man handle international politics? And who’s more likely to read Yoga Journal? You may not have considered this last question, but Social Code did—well, sort of.

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A social marketing solutions company, Social Code recently conducted a study to determine the brand preferences of the presidential hopefuls’ Facebook fans. For instance, according the survey, Obama fans (almost 29 million) are 20 times more likely than the average Facebook user to read the Huffington Post, 12 percent more likely to eat organic, and 10 percent more likely to be a member of the Sierra Club. Romney fans (now about 7.5 million*) are 41 percent more likely than the average Facebook user to read the Weekly Standard, 25 percent more likely than to buy Chevron gas, and 16 percent more likely to watch Fox news. (They are also keeping Maxwell House in business, by buying the coffee 10 percent more than the average Facebook user.) And when it comes to magazines? Obama fans are 8 percent more likely to read the New Yorker and Rolling Stone ... and 7 times more likely to read Yoga Journal! (Romney's fans seem to prefer Southern Living, by about 8 percent more than the average Facebook user.)

Of course, the study was done on the candidates’ fans, not the candidates themselves. But it gives us heart to think that maybe, maybe, YJ might fall into the hands of either candidate. A little yoga and wisdom can go a long way during election time.

 * 4.7 million at the time the survey was conducted