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YJ Blogger Publishes Yoga Mystery

YJ blogger Neal Pollack publishes a new novel, a murder-mystery steeped in ... yoga.

From easy-reading yoga-chick lit to inspirational memoirs, yoga literature has secured a place in the book market. But we've never seen anything quite like YJ's The Y Factor blogger Neal Pollack's new yoga murder mystery Downward Facing Death.

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Downward Facing Death is a fictional story of a detective-turned-yoga teacher who gets called in to solve the murder of a famous yoga teacher. Pollack, who also wrote Jewball and Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude, was inspired by real-world yoga news.

"Just look at the yoga-world headlines. There's all kinds of greed, corruption, sexual scandal, and even murder," he says. "I've been thinking a lot about why that might be, but rather than write some sort of solipsistic essay, I decided to dramatize it in fiction. That works especially well because I have no real answers, but I thought that maybe a fictional detective might be able to arrive at them for me."

It's one of the first books available for through Kindle Serial, a new program from Amazon that releases content in episodes. The first installment of Downward Facing Deathbecame available last week for $1.99.

What does Pollack want his readers to take away from reading the book? "Mostly, a good time," he says. "And possibly a little extra knowledge about yoga culture and philosophy."