Yoga Dog Finds Internet Fame


There are few things more adorable than pets practicing yoga alongside their humans, which is probably why the newest viral video has been getting so much attention.

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The video is of an Italian man, Niccolo Bello, leading a tiny chihuahua, Pancho, through a short yoga sequence. Though Bello's instructions are in Italian, we can understand that he is pleased with his pooch’s form, which he calls “Perfecto!”

The minute-long video has garnered approximately 1.2 million views since it was posted last week. (And we thought this yoga cat video was popular!) Pancho's video has spread like wildfire on social media channels as well as traditional media outlets such as CNN.

But while there’s no denying the video's mass appeal, some have doubted the legitimacy of Pancho’s yoga practice. Commenters have suggested a third person is enticing Pancho with treats, which would mean the pint-sized pup isn't really practicing yoga. (It seems everyone has an opinion on what constitutes “real yoga,” even when the student is a tiny chihuahua.)

Either way, we think Pancho has one of the cutest Downward Dogs we’ve seen!

If you happen to be one of the few who hasn't already seen the video, click here.