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Yoga Domain For Sale

Industry expert says the domain name is worth seven figures.

In case the recent surveys and news articles haven't been enough to convince you that yoga is big business these days, maybe this will convince you: The Internet domain name is on the market, and it's likely to be sold in the coming weeks for a seven-figure price tag, according to the company handling the sell.

With yoga students spending at least $5.7 billion a year on classes and yoga products, it's easy to see the earning potential that comes with a domain name like this. The domain name is highly-coveted because of the popularity of yoga and the fact that it's a category, one-word domain that generates a great deal of both organic and search traffic. "It's the same name in many languages," said DomainAdvisors senior advisor Amanda Waltz. "It's the single and the plural. It's easy to remember."

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It's no surprise that there are many people looking to buy the domain from owners Victor Oppenheimer and Shannon Brophy, long-time yoga students who have been the official registrants since the early 1990s. They've spoken to potential buyers from many sectors of the yoga business community including e-commerce businesses, those offering online classes, as well as yoga travel companies and yoga teachers, Waltz said.

While it's not clear who will take over the site, the current owners are being cautious because they want to make sure it is used to its full potential. "All potential owners need to be focused on the yoga space or have an interest in creating something around the domain that is yoga-focused," Waltz explained. In other words, it won't be sold to someone who wants to simply put up a placeholder site.

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