Yoga for Curly Girls

A new class for "curvy, curly girls" offers women who shy away from yoga a fun way to try it—and hair-care tips to boot.

photo by Stefano Giovannini for the Brooklyn Paper

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We've heard about yoga classes for men and kids, pregnant women, athletes, seniors, and people with disabilities. But a yoga class for women with curly hair?

Yoga to the Curvy Curly, a new yoga class in Fort Greene Park in New York that debutted last week, included yoga classes geared toward women with curly hair. Its mission: "A movement for curvy body and curly hair types to be 'yoganistas.' YTTCC exposes health benefits, strengthens body image, informs on active lifestyle hair care." Instructor Natalie Cosby said that the class appeals to women who might not want to do yoga because it would mess up their hair.

"A lot of ethnic girls are worried about ‘sweating out’ their hair—it can be a real mental block,” Cosby told The Brooklyn Paper. "We're helping them get past that." She says the class incorporates poses that actually make hair healthier and less prone to break, according to the article.

The event included a panel discussion with beauty and wellness experts who talked about natural hair products and gave tips on managing their curly locks during and after yoga class.