Yoga Foundation Expands

Yoga Health Foundation boosts its programing to bring yoga to the masses.
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If you like free yoga classes (and who doesn't?) you're probably familiar with National Yoga Month. Every September, hundreds of studios across the county offer free yoga classes and events to help raise awareness about and introduce yoga to people who might not try it otherwise. But you might be less familiar with the organization that makes it happen each year.

The Yoga Health Foundation is a non-profit organization on a mission to share yoga, and it's organizers hope to expand on the sucess they've experienced with National Yoga Month so it can be a tool for people all year round.

"People aren't used to hearing Yoga Health Foundation, so we thought it was necessary to bring that into the public eye and public ear," says Meredith Montgomery, director of donor relations for the foundation. Keep an eye on the foundation's website, which is being updated expanded to provide information about the organization and about Yoga Recess, an initiative that brings yoga into school classrooms, Montgomery says. New features will also include an event and studio finder to help people in finding yoga events year round.

The foundation also strives to attract more volunteers to help get the word out about National Yoga Month in locations that have less participation. "Our goal this year is to have one in every state," Montgomery says. Want to get involved in spreading the word about yoga? Check out the website to learn how.