Yoga Keeps Football Team in Fine Form

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Yoga helps A.J. Francis hold the defensive line. (Associated Press)

Yoga helps A.J. Francis hold the defensive line. (Associated Press)

The University of Maryland’s football team, the Terrapins, has incorporated yoga into its training to help with recovery and flexibility. Nicknamed the Terps, the team practices yoga two days after a game and one day after practices or weightlifting, according

“Yoga’s one of those things, you don’t really want to do it,” says defensive lineman A.J. Francis, admitting how challenging the poses can be for him and his other bulky teammates. “But we know it’s good for you.”

“It’s funny to see the big guys get down,” adds offensive lineman Evan Mulrooney. “You hear a lot of grunts, cracks and pops. Every once in a while someone will fart, and it’ll be a nice laugh.”

The team holds its yoga practice in the Gossett Team House defensive line meeting room.

Yoga practice for the Terps always ends with a relaxation period for stress relief, mind-clearing and, for most players, a little snooze.