Yoga and the New Year


2009 was an amazing year for yoga news. There were lots of great stories--inspirational, shocking, significant, and trivial.

Yoga was portrayed positively and negatively in movies and reality TV shows. The debate about state licensing of teacher training programs generated grew as more and more states began to ask yoga schools to get licensed and more teachers fought back. Celebrities of all shapes and sizes found their way into yoga studios. Swami Ramdev made outlandish claims about yoga's ability to cure homosexuality. And, of course we all debated the difference and likenesses between yoga and religion (multiple times).

But this blog is not about 2009.

2010 is sure to be an even better year. It's already off to a great start. If news stories are any indication, everybody and their brother has resolved to do yoga this year. A recent blog post on predicted a rise in digital yoga, yoga gyms, and more gyms offering yoga.

What do you think will happen 2010? What was your favorite yoga news story of 2009?