Yoga-Recess Makes Yoga in School Easier


We all know that childhood obesity is more prevalent today than ever before. And though many schools have been forced to cut their physical education programs, there is something we can do to encourage our kids to get moving again, says the Yoga Health Foundation.

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Yoga-Recess in School is a campaign by the Yoga Health Foundation (the same group that sponsors National Yoga Month in September) that's designed to give classroom teachers free resources such as online videos and lesson plans to incorporate yoga into their classrooms. The awareness campaign will peak with Yoga-Recess Day on Friday, January 25, with hundreds of participating school teachers and organizations.

"We want to create a future where children are taught skills to live a healthy life, have self-confidence, stress management, and effective communication," says Yoga Health Foundation Executive Director Nicole Hayman-Sherman.

"We are just introducing and offering something to students and younger people with the hopes to inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle from the start," she adds.

Yoga-Recess is funded by the public, so those who are interested are encouraged to raise money or donate to make more free resources available to schools.

School yoga has been getting a lot of media attention lately with a group of parents in Encinitas, Calif. threatening to sue over a yoga program they say is religious indoctrination. But Hayman-Sherman says she doesn't expect this to impact the outcome of the Yoga-Recess campaign.

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