Yoga Teacher Barbie

Mattel adds Yoga Teacher Barbie to its "I Can Be ..." series.

Photo credit: Theresa Elliot

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It was only a matter of time before yoga—approximately a $6 billion industry—hit the toy aisle. Enter Yoga Teacher Barbie, a new version of the stilletto-ready, convertible driving, anatomically impossible doll from Mattel. Barbie introduced the doll as part of its “I Can Be …” series, which covers a range of aspirations, from architect to dentist to pastry chef.

Yoga Teacher Barbie sports pink and green yoga togs, a pink yoga mat, and a tiny dog. It looks like she might be able to grab her foot in Natarajasana, but we’re willing to be that Padmasana would be tricky for her plastic limbs, slender as they are.

The dolls, which were difficult to find last week—apparently they're exclusive to Target stores though are not on the Target or Mattel websites—have already made an Internet splash. Lululemon even got in on the game with spoof on the doll.