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Yoga Works for Weight Loss


All the news over the last two weeks has been that exercise doesn't work for weight loss. Really? Don't tell that to Detroit resident Larry Sherman, who credits yoga for his incredible 365 pound weight loss. Rather than trying out for the Biggest Loser or signing himself up for gastric-bypass surgery, CNN reports,Sherman checked out a class at the Yoga Shelter in West Bloomfield.
There, he was moved by the connection he made with instructor Lisa Paskel--who, he says,
was able to look past the fat man and see the beautiful eternal soul within him. Feeling accepted--loved, even--Sherman kept on coming to class, and as he did, the weight began to drop away.

Was it a simple matter of burning away fat? Of course not. Yoga works on levels that
transcend the mechanical calories-in/calories-out model. As he practiced more, Sherman's self image began to change--and as it did, so did his relationship with food. He began to make better choices, to feel encouraged by his increasing energy, to grow out of his emotional
and psychological need for the fat suit.

"I had to change my mind!" he says now. "It wasn't about my body." His transformation took about three and a half years--and he looks great. (See for yourself, and read
more about Sherman's story at ) Yoga works for weight loss. Believe it.