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Yogis Celebrate Earth Day

SF yogis celebrate the Earth.

Earth Day is an opportunity to spread awareness about important environmental issues and to show appreciation for the natural world around us, but for many yoga students it’s also a time to celebrate the yogic principle of ahimsa, or non-harming. So each year yogis across the country gather to pick up trash in their communities, attend festivals, and take their mats out into nature to reconnect to their commitment to tread lightly on the earth.

This year, yogis in cities across the globe will gather to meditate, practice yoga, and dance in flash mob at local Earth Day festivals. Unify, the group that helps organize meditation flash mobs led the celebration to "catalyze an awareness and excitement for our connection to the earth. It's a reminder that we're all a part of one living, breathing being," said a promo video.

Flash mob participants learned choreography to go along with the Michael Franti songs “Hey World “and “Say Hey (I Love You)” after group meditation and yoga sessions.

To view a map of all the Earth Day flash mob events visit Unify.org (while most events happened over the weekend, some are scheduled to take place today.)

Do you celebrate Earth Day?