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A Yogi’s Christmas List


I don’t need a lot of yoga gear, and I’m not a fan of “stuff” in general. Minimalist is more my taste. But like most women, I like to feel and look my best, even when it comes to my yoga practice. (I know, I know, yoga isn’t about beauty or fashion. But I’ll stand by my preference for a great-fitting top and comfy yoga pants that make me feel good and inspired to practice.) And, admittedly, yoga-inspired jewelry whispers to my inner Lakshmi …

Here are some of the things making it onto my Christmas list this year:

Prism Top by Prana

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I would happily wear this top to brighten up my winter morning practice. And Prana got it right with the length; no riding up in arms-overhead poses.

Anjali Maha Pant

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Après class, paired with a fitted, short-waisted top or a flowing tunic and you’ve got that fluid, legs-go-on-for-miles look plus total comfort!

Aria Scarf

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Cozy, funky, and fashionable. I'd wear this all the time.

Twilight Celestial Necklace

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Satya’s jewelry is incredibly crafted, delicate but strong. I love the mood of this piece.

Baroni Charm Earrings

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A touch of yogi bling reminiscent of ancient treasure.

Carnelian Tree Bracelet

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I gave one of these bracelets to my sister and she wears it all the time. Beautiful and delicate on the wrist, with gemstones that impart steadiness and strength.

Barefoot Mysore Travel Practice Rug

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I often travel with a yoga mat, and while I’m always happy I have it when I need it, it’s a pain to carry. This practice rug can fold it up into your luggage! If you haven’t practiced on a cotton rug, you’d be surprised by the difference. It makes me feel more grounded and connected to the physicality of my practice.

Manduka’s Seeker Yoga Mat Bag

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If I’m not traveling, this is how I want to be carrying my mat!

Anjolie Ayurveda body oils

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I’m smitten with this mother-and-daughter company that makes organic aromatherapy skincare products from plants grown at the foot of the Himalayas. The body oils are divine—sensual and deeply healing. I’d use any variety, but on this cold, wet early-winter day I’m craving something warm and spicy, so I’ll take the Sandalwood Saffron, please.

Yoga Journal's 2013 Calendar

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OK, so this seems obvious. But I really am inspired looking at the photographs of these talented, passionate yoga teachers executing poses in a way that I hope to someday. And even if I never achieve the kind of balance and extension in Vasisthasana that Jennifer Lane does (September), that's fine. The pictures still brighten up my kitchen.

What's on your yogi Christmas list?

Kelle Walsh is Yoga Journal's Executive Online Editor.