Lisa Sanfilippo

Lisa Sanfilippo is a recovered insomniac, sociologist, and researcher who found yoga in her bleakest, most sleepless hours: she has researched tirelessly to find methods that you can use at any time, place and stage in your life to systematically flush out exhaustion and insomnia. She is a fully qualified transpersonal psychotherapist as well as running a yoga therapy practice. She trains yoga teachers for Triyoga UK and yoga therapists with Yogacampus UK, and served as a presenter at the most recent IAYT conference in the US.

Lisa has taught hundreds of people each week in the UK and Europe’s longest-established yoga studios for nearly two decades as a resident teacher. Before publishing and teaching internationally, she tested and refined her methods with extensive action research as a yoga therapist and psychotherapist over the past 10 years, serving people in all situations: from pregnant women and new parents, from puberty to menopause. She works with globally-acclaimed actors and musicians, students, activists, medics, and creatives, helping them all to recover their ability to find their unique keys to sleeping better, and feeling better all day.

Lisa’s book, Sleep Recovery, is easily available internationally in all bookshops, and outlines the process using simple clear language, accessible even to those who have never considered doing yoga before.

Her work has been featured in UK Broadsheets: The Telegraph, The Observer, The Times, Stylist Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Psychologies, Marie Claire online, Balance Magazine and more.

Learn more at,, on Instagram @sleep_recovery and @lisayogalondon