On Being Human Self-Care Challenge

Yoga teacher and author Jen Pastiloff welcomes you to the 10-Day "On Being Human" Self-Care Challenge. This experience, which includes daily video lessons plus a meditation and asana practice is exclusive for members of Yoga Journal. Sign up to join her today!

10-Day Challenge


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How to Find Self-Love and Acceptance Through Grief and Fear

Four years into dating, Robert and I were walking to the movies to see Inglourious Basterds when he nudged me to the other side of the sidewalk. He always insists (still) on walking on the side closer to the street. I wasn’t expecting it, so when he pushed me, I almost lost my footing.

“So, um, would you ever want to be Mrs. Taleghany?” he asked, and he shoved me, which I equated to pulling the hair of a girl you like on the playground.

“Are you asking me to marry you?” I said.

“Well, would you want to?”

“Wait. Is this how you are asking me to marry you?”

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