Ayurvedic Teatox: 9 Grounding + Balancing Brews for Fall

Feeling out of whack? Combine Ayurvedic wisdom with warm, soothing teas to balance your doshas for the season.

When people say that they love fall, they’re talking about a crisp, sunny day with golden leaves playing tag at your feet—not bone-chilling rain slapping against your window or dark frigid mornings. But fall wouldn’t be fall without such unpredictable weather. “This is a season to cause imbalance in your body and mind,” says Dr. Naina Marballi, Ayurveda scholar and founder of Ayurveda’s World in New York City. “You might be having sleep disturbance, anxiety, bloating, and irregular digestion.”

While it may seem strange that fickle autumnal weather could be to blame for your mood swings and a pinching waistband, remember that we are all intuitively bound, and guided, by nature. Instead of grumpily shuffling around or resigning to the couch, look to Ayurveda to realign.

Calm Vata with a Teatox

Most people wait until January to start a detox, cleansing the body of holiday goody gluttony. However, in Ayurveda fall is the prime time to restore your body. Of the three doshas that make up your energies—Kapha, Pitta, and Vata—Vata dominates the fall season. Between October and February, its qualities, coldness, dryness, irregularity, and change, are amplified by what’s happening outside. Since Vata governs movement, the nervous system, and your body’s elimination system, it’s no surprise that you may be feeling a bit out of whack. Your body and mind are in overload.

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In general, imbalance starts with digestion. Your digestive system is your body’s second brain. Filling it with warm soothing herbs can calm the stomach and colon. Teas are a good way to start that healing process—though not just any tea. Swap astringent and bitter black and green leaves for mellow spices and herbs. “Warm, grounding teas will help recalibrate your body’s vibrations and pH levels,” advises Marballi. “It is important that you have sweetness during fall to balance Vata.”

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This is not a green light to take on pumpkin pie. Instead of loading up on sugar, which you’re likely craving, consider sipping teas made from cinnamon, licorice, turmeric, fennel seeds and cardamom—all of which give off sweet notes as well as medicinal properties. Here are 9 delicious ways to find solace in the season.