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This Manhattan Yoga Studio Is All About the Vibe

Humming Puppy has created a space full of contrasts and calm thanks to an intentional and minimalist design.

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When you walk through the door of Humming Puppy yoga studio in Manhattan, you’re greeted by the sound of the earth itself. The distinctive, steady hum that inspired the studio’s curious name is a mix of the 7.83 Hz frequency, known as the Schumann resonance, and a 40 Hz frequency that is associated with optimal cognitive functioning. The sound, which can be heard throughout the entire space, is designed to help eliminate distracting thoughts, create a relaxing environment, and nudge students’ minds toward a meditative state, explains the studio’s cofounder, Jackie Alexander.

This idea is reflected in the studio’s unique aesthetic. “We really wanted to create a space that was a haven from the busyness of the outside world,” Alexander says. “We wanted to take people on a journey and draw them into a little sanctuary, allow them to detach for a moment, and give back to themselves and their practice.”

The carefully curated space has been referred to by students as having a “luxe spa-like” vibe and being “seriously the most gorgeous, dreamy yoga studio I’ve been to.” From the overstuffed couches in the lobby where students linger before and after class to the serene, black-walled rooms, the studio manages to be luxurious yet inviting.

It’s an aesthetic that, while assisted by the architecture of the space, isn’t entirely reliant on it. Here’s how to steal the studio’s sense of style to bring that same luxuriantly calming vibe to your home or practice space.

Find a focus

Consider a single statement piece—such as a striking vase, a unique piece of art, even a couch upholstered in a bold fabric—as the focal point of your room. At Humming Puppy, a stunning chandelier of clear and smoky quartz in the lobby commands one’s attention.

Work with what you have

The prewar architecture of New York City’s Chelsea district—stately columns, high ceilings, expansive windows, and hardwood floors—became integral elements in the studio’s décor. Let the bones of your home create a starting point for your design. Consider if there’s a brick wall that can be exposed, windows hidden behind drapes that could play a stronger role, or quirky nooks that you could flaunt rather than hide.

Invite contrast and coziness

The floor-to-ceiling drapes along Humming Puppy’s front hallway soften the mirrors on the opposite wall; the couch fabric warms the stark white walls. “The materials we use…are all based on creating an environment of being at home and welcomed,” Alexander explains. In your own space, seek out pillows and throws in fabrics that bring a sense of comfort and luxury. Soften and balance strong architectural lines, right angles, or corners with the easygoing presence of houseplants.