7 Expert Tips to Shift the Energy in Your Home

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“Your physical space is a manifestation of your mental space,” says home consultant Sarai Reed. Finding ways to release stagnant energy in your home can create room for abundance, flow, and ease in your life, she explains.

Check in with yourself and your abode regularly to cultivate an ongoing dialogue between the two, suggests Dorena Kohrs, a home-and-life alignment coach known as the Space Doula. Think of this practice as a form of external energy work: Designing a living area aligned with your highest Self means consciously and continuously subtracting, shifting, and adding to a space so that it amplifies your intentions, ambitions, and values. “As one shifts and grows, one’s home should, too,” Kohrs adds.

To begin, close your eyes and take a few moments to offer gratitude to your dwelling for all it does to protect and support you. Then, try these easy-to-apply strategies to welcome harmony and health into your home base.

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