Get Lit

If doing awesome things for other people makes you feel good, imagine how much doing the same for yourself would really rock. And we’re willing to bet you actually can find some time for yourself in your overbooked calendar.

Here’s how Nardini suggests you start: Right now, grab the nearest blank surface—a scrap of paper, a napkin, the palm of your hand, or your smartphone—and jot down five things that bring you joy. We mean the purest kind of contentment that lights you up from the inside out.

Some ideas:

  • Rock some sexy underthings that make you feel delicious, even if no one but you knows they’re there.
  • Watch some great comedy, in person or on the tube.
  • Take an hour of pure indulgence at home. Maybe it’s lying on the couch and breaking into that book that’s been waiting to be read or trying that recipe you’ve been saving.
  • Do a few luxuriously long yin or restorative poses.

The point is to get lit this weekend—from the inside out. And whatever items make it onto your list, find a way to do at least two of them by Monday.

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