Just 5 Minutes

If you want to reach your highest potential for a fit and fab year, you might have to adjust your expectations. We too often put off projects we’re passionate about—whether that’s working toward Scorpion Pose or making a habit of meditation—waiting for more time. Why not instead take 5 minutes right now to take the first step? Close your eyes wherever you are and take slow deep breaths for a few minutes. When you open them, notice the sense of empowerment you get from making that tiny step toward doing something on your mental to-do list.

What more, these micro steps can really add up to making your dreams a reality.

Here are a few more ideas for how you can make the most of the any given 5 minutes:

  • Pen a few paragraphs of your Great American Novel
  • Organize one corner of your desk (in 4 days, it’ll be clean)
  • Create an Etsy account on which you can sell your crafts
  • Work on a portion of your new resume. Do it again each day until it’s done.
  • Write down your tasks for the next day to keep them out of mind and on paper
  • Have a 5-minute conversation with your partner in full attention
  • Do a calming breath and meditation right before bed

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