In yoga class these days, students are revealing a lot more than skin; they’re expressing their commitment to the practice with yoga-inspired body art that features images of Hindu deities, Sanskrit mantras, and sacred symbols. Show us your yoga-inspired tattoo for a chance to be featured in Yoga Journal magazine and in a slideshow on


Send an email to with the following:

1. a high-resolution photo of you and your tattoo (at least 300 dpi at 4×6 inches)

2. your name, age, city and state

3. your phone number and email address (for contact purposes only)

4. a short statement explaining the story of your tattoo. Why did you choose this particular image? When did you get it? How is it related to your understanding and practice of yoga and yoga philosophy? If there are words in the tattoo, what do they say? How does your tattoo inspire you in your practice and your life?

Please note that by submitting your photo you give us the right to publish it in print and online.

One image will be chosen to appear in the magazine. A variety of images will be displayed in the online slideshow.

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