5 Ways (Plus, a Guided Meditation) to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone & Start Fresh This Fall

Still dread back-to-school time? Try these tips and a guided practice with Coby Kozlowski to break free of your end-of-summer blues.
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Since childhood, many of us have been conditioned to think of the end of summer and the beginning of fall as a melancholy time when we say goodbye to fun and brace ourselves for the work ahead. But what if we could welcome this change of seasons with as much excitement and promise as spring? Here are 5 ways to leap out of your comfort zone and make a fresh start this fall:

1. Go back to school. 

It's not just for kids! Whether it's trying out a new yoga class, deepening your meditation practice, taking up guitar, or picking up a needed skill for a new job, enroll as if you're a bright-eyed college freshman and recapture some of those first-day-of-school tingles.

2. Choose a new goal and go for it. 

Fall's bold colors are a visual reminder that time keeps moving. Take that as a cue to move forward with your goals (one or many, big or small). 

3. Use those longer nights to your advantage. 

As the days get shorter, it's natural to spend more time at home. This is your opportunity to go deeper within yourself to tap into what matters most to you. Set aside some of those hours to read, meditate, practice yoga, or journal about what you want to change and how you’ll go about it.

4. Reconnect with friends and family. 

In this lull between summer travel and the busy winter holidays, you have a window of opportunity to make low-pressure plans with those you love. Not only will you give these relationships a fresh start, these connections may also give you the strength and inspiration to tackle new challenges.

5. Meditation can assist you with all of the above. 

In "Leaving Your Comfort Zone," from Meditation Studio's Quarterlife collection, Coby Kozlowski invites us to explore the heat of the new and challenging, which can be uncomfortable. But with the weather outside getting cooler, that metaphorical fire may be a little easier to take.

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