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How to Avoid Mindless Eating This Fall & Holiday Season

If your stress eating is stressing you out, try these tips.

Fall comfort foods, Halloween, Thanksgiving… Eating season is here. But that doesn’t mean you need to succumb to mindless munching. Here are 5 ways that meditation can help you make better food choices, according to Patricia Karpas of Meditation Studio.

1. It helps you focus on the breath.

Meditation teaches you to focus on the breath, which calms the nervous system and is a far better stress reliever than unhealthy foods.

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2. It teaches you to pause.

Meditation teaches you to pause before reacting to things, so you don’t have to be controlled by impulses. In other words, you take a minute before grabbing that unhealthy snack, and consider WHY you’re reaching for it. What you’re really hungry for may not be food at all, as this podcast explores.

3. It teaches you to be mindful.

Meditation teaches you to be mindful and present while preparing and eating meals and to take your time and enjoy your meals with minimal distraction rather than rushing through them on autopilot. This can lead to portion control and better choices. 

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4. It helps you listen to your body.

Meditation helps you listen to your body by observing sensations. You’ll notice how you feel when you eat for energy and joy versus when you’re eating in response to stress, anxiety, or sadness, and make choices that make you feel nourished and healthy.

5. It helps you be less judgmental with yourself.

Meditation helps you let go of guilt, including the guilt many of us feel about our food choices. For example, if you DO indulge in a chocolate chip cookie or a bag of chips, you learn to enjoy them in the moment and move on.

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Guided Meditation: Relax the Body

Observe your breath as you do a quick, calming meditation. You’ll naturally slow down, release tension, and feel calmer as you go about your day. 

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