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10 Innovators Shaping the Future of Yoga + the Yoga Lifestyle

Learn more about 10 people making a deep impact in the yoga world.

The idea of something being “new” or “innovative” in yoga may understandably elicit skepticism among loyal teachers and practitioners. Any modern iteration of a centuries-old practice could be seen as a departure from its essence, and some might say results in something different altogether. However, there’s no denying the powerful influence that advances in medical research and technology have on our understanding of the physical practice, as well as the unique ways that individual creativity and spirit have molded our current idea of what it means to be a yogi.

In a new feature on Sonima.com we recognized 50 people making a deep impact on the world of wellness, and these 10 yogis were among the names featured. With the eight-limbed path playing an ever growing role in how people from all walks of life care for their bodies and minds, these individuals’ contributions are bound to make waves beyond the sphere of yoga. Read on to learn more about the innovative and inspired men and women who are shaping the future of yoga.