10 Inspiring Instagram Quotes We Couldn’t Wait to Re-Post This Week

Sure, social media can be a total time suck. But it can also be a great tool to help you up-level your yoga practice and stay motivated to accomplish your goals.
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Get inspired with these Instagram quotes you’ll want to re-post right away.

Get inspired with these Instagram quotes you’ll want to re-post right away.

It’s 7:30 a.m. when my alarm jostles me awake most mornings. I groggily reach for my phone to silence the blaring horn I regret setting as my wake-up call. And without fail, instead of getting out of bed, meditating, or practicing yoga, I spend the next 15 minutes (at least!) scrolling through my social media feeds.

Though I’ve read the studies cautioning me about the dangers of this habit—it’s a surefire way to increase stress—I’m not convinced that getting sucked into the social media sinkhole every morning is hijacking me from having a productive day. In fact, I’ve found that checking social media when I wake up actually helps keep me motivated, organized, and more productive—and one of the reasons for this is that I follow a lot of smart, inspiring yogis who often post quotes that help me bound out of bed with a positive attitude.

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Take this quote from Rumi, which prompted a morning of doing something special for my dog Bella:

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

- Rumi

I read this and immediately began to think about everything and everyone that I love just as one of my beloveds—my Lhasa Apso dog Bella—came snuggling up to me. Instead of taking her on our usual walk around the block that morning, I drove 20 minutes to the mountains where she could explore nature off her leash.

Another simple, powerful quote I saw that same morning that stuck with me on my walk with Bella was this:

Self love is self care.

- Unknown

While walking through the changing Aspen trees, admiring the turn of the season, I truly checked in with myself and some goals I’d recently set for myself: Am I scheduling in enough downtime to counter my full schedule of college and teaching yoga? Am I connecting with friends and family in meaningful ways? This quote didn’t inspire me to take the day off or go splurge on a massage or mani-pedi. But it did prompt me to do a quick assessment of how I am currently showing up for myself, and hatch a plan for correcting course. It was just the dose of self-care I needed.

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Instagram doesn’t have to sabotage your productivity. The content you consume can inspire your next big (or small) adventure, motivate you to pursue your goals, and encourage you to check in with you.

Don’t believe me—yet? Check out these Instagram quotes that inspired me this week.

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Katie Middel is a yoga teacher and student at Colorado State University, and an intern at Yoga Journal.