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10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Yoga

Are you obsessed with yoga? Erica Rodefer Winters shares 10 tell-tale signs.

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After a decade of yoga practice, I know that it’s normal for me to go through times when I’m less-than-inspired as well as phases of fanatical enthusiasm for yoga. I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned from both extremes, but nothing feels better to me than eating, sleeping, and breathing my yoga practice. I don’t know what spawned it on, but lately I’ve ventured into yoga obsession territory. Because of my daily (sometimes twice daily right now!) practice, I feel lighter, happier, calmer, more balanced, more confident, and more present than ever. Although I know this is a fleeting feeling (what goes up must come down, eventually), I’m soaking it all in and enjoying every second of it.


Here are a few more signs of a full-fledged yoga obsession. Can you relate to any of them?

You start counting time in breaths instead of minutes. For example, when your alarm clock goes off in the morning you find yourself thinking “just 5 more breaths.”

Your practice becomes the ultimate luxury. At the end of a long day, you’d rather treat yourself to a long Downward Facing Dog than a sweet treat or glass of wine.

You prescribe a combination of yoga poses, meditation, and green smoothies for every ailment your family and friends tell you about–from insomnia to back pain. (As a result, you might notice your friends have stopped telling you about their ailments.)

Sometimes you look at strangers walking on the street and try to guess where they hold their tension.

When you procrastinate, you spend your time watching pose tutorials on Youtube, reading yoga blogs, and “liking” and sharing inspirational yoga quotes and photographs on social media sites.

You compare every challenge you face in your life to that time you finally faced your fear and kicked up into Handstand.

You sneak away during social events, business meetings, and/or family functions to do a quick Handstand.

Speaking of social events, you plan your calendar around your favorite yoga teacher’s schedule. You stop going out on Friday nights because it makes it harder to wake up for your Saturday morning class.

You realize you’d rather hang out with your friends at yoga workshop than go to a bar or a coffee shop.

When you go to bed at night, you drift off to sleep practicing Savasana. Your mind wanders to what sequence you’ll practice the next morning. When you finally fall asleep, you dream about yoga.