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YJ Flashback: 14 Covers the Editors Still Love

Take a peek at some of the highlights from 14 of our most memorable issues, including the guest teachers, models, and wellness experts who have shaped the magazine.

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Yoga Journal turns 40 this year, and it has been both a wild and crazy and methodical and well-aligned ride, thanks to the guest teachers, models, and wellness experts who have shaped the magazine over the last four decades. Take a peek at some of the highlights from 14 of our most memorable issues and stay tuned for more special content celebrating our 40th anniversary daily.

Issue: May 1975

Yoga Journal’s first issue

Cover model: Jean Girardot, one of two assistant editors when Yoga Journal launched, and a Bay Area Iyengar teacher, in Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose)
Photo: Staff photographer Christopher Wentworth
Also in this issue: An essay by Judith Lasater on yoga as meditation; step-by-step instructions for how to practice Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend); and YJ’s first mission statement: “…Our intention is to bring you material that combines the essence of classical yoga, with the latest understanding of modern science.…”
Price: 75 cents

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Issue: August 1976

Cover story: “Iyengar: The Lion and the Lamb,” an essay about a student’s first-time experience with B.K.S. Iyengar, father of Iyengar Yoga
Photo: Steve Baczewski
Also in this issue: “Hygienic Health Tips” for the skin; a feature on Kundalini Yoga titled “Sex, Evolution and Higher Consciousness”; and a story on the benefits of eating seaweed
Price: $1.00

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Issue: December 1981

Cover story: Yoga + Football, including a profile of a California high school coach who incorporates yoga into his winning team’s training program
Cover model: Richard Draeger, 17, Novato, California, football player
Photo: Naomie Kremer
Also in this issue: The Americanization of yoga, with comments from Ram Dass, Lilias Folan, Judith Lasater, and more; Robert Svoboda on the history of Ayurveda; and recipes for a vegetarian Thanksgiving
Price: $2.00

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Issue: December 1994

Cover story: A feature on the popularity of high-tech pilates, written by Linda Sparrowe
Cover model: Maraba Hansill
Photo: Christine Alicino
Also in this issue: How residents of the Kripalu ashram are changing the traditional guru-disciple relationship, by former YJ Editor Anne Cushman; “transformational politics”; and pose instruction for Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose) from Donna Farhi
Price: $3.95

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Issue: June 1997

Cover story: “Will Organic Food Stay Organic,” the debate over who should regulate the organic food industry
Cover models: Celebrity organic farmer Joel Salatin and his son
Photo: Jim Richardson
Also in this issue: Yoga and anti-aging; the popularity of Qigong; and John Friend teaches Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose) in a column for beginning yogis

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Issue: October 1998

Cover story: Is the rising popularity of yoga “hype or real cultural soul searching”?
Cover model: Danielle Bastion
Photo: David Peterson
Also in this issue: The combination of yoga and Buddhism; a special section on infertility and yoga; and stories of yoga from Death Row
Price: $4.95

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Issue: June 2002

Cover models: Jivamukti yoga co-founders Sharon Gannon and David Life in Padmasana (Lotus Pose)
Photo: David Martinez
Also in this issue: Yoga to break addiction; John Schumacher and Patricia Walden on the law of Karma; and Maty Ezraty teaches Marichyasana D (The Pose Dedicated to the Sage Marichi)
Price: $4.99

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Issue: April 2003

Cover model: Richard Freeman, renowned Asthanga Yoga teacher in Chakorasana (Moon Beam Pose)
Photo: David Martinez
Also in this issue: A yoga retreat guide; how to sit comfortably in meditation by Linda Sparrowe; and the social benefits of community gardens
Price: $4.99

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Issue: June 2006

Cover model: Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga creator Shiva Rea in Kalaripayat, an ancient Indian martial art
Photo: Debra McClinton
Also in this issue: The Western adoption of Tantra; Leslie Kaminoff on pranayama and high blood pressure, your immune system, and asthma; a Kundalini Yoga home practice with Gurmukh Khalsa
Price: $4.99

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Issue: September 2010

Cover model: Sarah McLachlan on the annual music issue practicing Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose)
Photo: Erik Almas
Also in this issue: A celebration of 6,000 years of yoga; the rising stars of seva, or selfless service; and Sally Kempton shares meditation tips
Price: $4.90

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Issue: May 2011

Cover model: Coral Brown underwater on the “blue” issue, dedicated to “Ideas for Saving Seas, Streams & Life on Earth”
Photo: Howard Schatz
Also in this issue: Doug Keller on how to access and use transverse abdominis; home practice with Kia Miller; and Japanese vegetarian recipes
Price: $4.99

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Issue: June 2011

Cover models: Christy Turlington Burns, Elena Brower, and Faith Hunter, and on the flip cover, Seane Corn, Patricia Walden, and Kathryn Budig
Photo: David Martinez
Also in this issue: Women yogis and changemakers; step-by-step instruction for Eka Pada Galavasana by Natasha Rizopoulos
Price: $4.99

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Issue: February 2014

Cover model: Ai Kubo in Mermaid Pose for the once-traditional all-white Jan./Feb. cover
Photo: David Martinez
Also in this issue: Andrea Ferretti on how to get back on your mat after a break; The Yoga Revolution: 21 big and small ways yoga is changing the way we live now; and clothes that you can wear at the studio and the gym
Price: $5.99

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Issue: October 2014

Cover model:Kathryn Budig in Vrksasana (Tree Pose) on our award-winning redesign issue
Photo: Jeff Nelson
Also in this issue: A 21-day vegan challenge; yoga and body image by Chelsea Roff; and Ayurvedic remedies for a cold
Price: $5.99

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