3 Steps to Form a Yoga Circle: How to Build a Stronger Community

Build a stronger community by circling up with your fellow yogis. Here's how to make good on this yoga trend.

Hands in meditation, Yogis practice yoga together

Gathering in intentional circles with a close group of friends, often in the form of women’s circles or men’s groups, has long been a satisfying way to find community. Now, yoga circles are trending, with practitioners seeking like-minded people searching for a sense of connection and belonging. “Yoga enables people to relate in a powerful way that includes the intuition and energies of our bodies,” explains Sabrina Chaw, circle expert and life coach. “The practice allows people to go deep and form a container of trust and safety and reverence.” It’s natural, says Chaw, to look for others who’ve opened to this deeper web of life.

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Sabrina Chaw’s 3 Tips On Forming A Yoga Circle

1) Set the intention you’d like to manifest through your circle.
2) Invite 10 people with whom you want a deep relationship.
3) Gather to discuss common desires, goals, and outcomes, and enjoy the bond.

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