3 Tricks from Energy Medicine Yoga to Improve Digestion

Try these exercises, working with different systems of the body to help you better process your food and relieve specific digestive issues.

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In Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, digestion is a huge key to health. This is the first thing your Ayurvedic doctor will check if you have symptoms of any disease. What you eat, how you metabolize it, and how you eliminate the waste products, is integral to how healthy you are.

These two healing traditions are the underlying systems of Energy Medicine Yoga, which can improve digestion. Energy Medicine Yoga is a practice that aims to balance the the body through eight energy centers. Once the body is in balance, it is able to heal itself. That is what it naturally wants to do—balance and heal. There are many simple techniques for bringing the body into this balance and even without doing a full, personal evaluation, we’ve got several tools to help you get your digestion and elimination system working better for you.

We’ll do three short exercises, working with different systems of the body, to help you better process your food. You can do each of these exercises daily or rotate them through your own home yoga practice to help keep your digestion healthy.