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3 Ways to Make More Sustainable Activewear Choices

Cultivating awareness around the impact your fashion choices have on the environment will set you up to make more mindful decisions.

As we become a more socially conscious society, fashion brands are adapting how they’re making products from their supply chains and material use to shipping methods to take better care of the environment.  What some marketers are calling a trend, we’re calling a lifestyle.  Have you ever thought about the impact your everyday decisions make on the environment?  In case you’re curious, try using the Eco FootprintCarbon Footprint and Water Footprint calculators to find out.  You may find the outcomes eye opening.  Cultivating this awareness will encourage you to be more mindful moving forward.  Here are three tips on how to feel, look, and do better when it comes to your activewear choices – a great place to begin.

Tip 1: Feel Better by Understanding Your Impact

The fashion industry produces 20 percent of global wastewater and 10 percent of global carbon emissions, which is more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.  And believe it or not, it takes 2,000 gallons of water to make a single pair of jeans.  Imagine all the wastewater coming from your denim alone.  

Fast fashion is a major part of the problem, because the low-quality, trendy clothing is rapidly mass produced.  As a matter of fact, we wear these pieces less than five times and only keep them for 35 days.  This pattern leads to production of over 400% more carbon emissions per item per year than clothing items worn 50 times or more and kept for at least a year.  If you’re one of the many (and who isn’t?) who shop fast fashion, it’s time to switch gears.

Tip 2: Look Better by Making Smart Choices

The number one thing you can do to help make a positive impact is research.  Before making a purchase, visit the website and social media channels of the brand you’re interested in to learn about their core values and sustainability efforts.   Understanding the environmental impact of the piece you’re about to buy will enable you to invest in quality activewear.

Whether you’re looking for activewear that’ll support you during an intense yoga class or a sweaty hike, we recommend Hemp Black.  Known for their innovative hemp technology that infuses full-spectrum hemp extract with over 85% recycled nylon to help eliminate odors, the pieces last.  Our favorite piece is the Impact Seamless Legging.  Available in four colors, and ranging from sizes XS to XXL, these seamless leggings feel like butter on your skin and allow you to move freely while feeling supported.  We love that they’re also available in three lengths and taper neatly at the ankle.  To maximize their sustainability efforts, Hemp Black activewear is made in the USA and the brand has full control over their production line, which helps to lower their carbon footprint.

Tip 3: Do Better by Following the Five R’s

Investing in activewear built to last will help you check off the five ‘R’s’ of sustainability. We’ve been focused on recycling for a long time now and have that down pat, but there are four steps that come before that, which are equally as important – refuse, reduce, reuse, and repurpose. 

Practice refusing to purchase fast fashion or any items that don’t have set sustainability guidelines in place.  Reduce your use of non-recyclable materials and reuse, (or in this case re-wear), your items for at least a year.  You won’t have to worry about wear and tear if you purchase quality pieces.  Finally, some items can serve more than one function so think outside-the-box and repurpose anything you see fit.



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In every product, partner, and minute detail, HEMP BLACK holds themselves accountable, ensuring that in every step, they put their best foot forward. We created three pillars to guide them from ideation to manufacturing while making the most informed decisions available. HEMP BLACK is explorative design, honestly sourced, and scientifically proven.