4 Ways to Take Down Your Inner Critic

You know that little voice that pipes up to tell you that you’re not enough? Well, here’s how to silence it—for good.
Woman meditating in pajamas

Meditate to silence self-doubt and promote positivity within.

In the darkest recesses of your brain lives the ankle grabber of the mind. It’s your inner critic—the tiny voice that pipes up to plant a seed of self-doubt. When left unchecked, that seed can grow quickly into a cacophony of not-enoughs, should-bes, and what-ifs, pointing out all we are not instead of celebrating all we are.

“So many of us are looking for some sort of respite from the constant negativity,” says yoga and meditation teacher Rosie Acosta, founder of health and wellness platform Radically Loved and its accompanying podcast. “It’s something we all want to learn.”

Like Hydra, the mythological monster whose heads regrew each time one was chopped off, the inner critic is an innovative beast. Taking it down is not a one-and-done affair; instead, it requires diligence.

But with practice comes relief. Here, Acosta shares four steps to break the cycle and rob your inner gadfly of its power.

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