5 Readers Show Off Their Mountaintop Yoga Poses

Readers share the yoga they practice on mountain peaks.

Readers share the yoga they practice on mountain peaks.

Dancer pose, on mountain

“I’d hiked for six hours with a woman I met on the trail in Yosemite National Park, California, and practiced yoga among natural wonders. It was one of the best days of my life.”
—Nicky Mellonie
Adelaide, Australia

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wheel pose, on mountain

“This view from a mountaintop near Lake Achensee, in Austria, made me feel calm yet energized. I just needed to do some asana.”
—Lisa Berghoefer
Mainz, Germany

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lunge, mountain, field

“My husband took this photo during our hike of Mount Solaro, in Anacapri, Italy. It reminds me that there’s beauty in everything.”
—Laurel Attanasio
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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half moon pose on mountain

“After an 11-mile hike to the top of Deadwood Peak,California, I celebrated with Half Moon Pose.”
—Kim Hannah
Shingle Springs, California

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extended hand to big toe pose, mountain

“I was so inspired by the majestic mountains of Colorado, I struck a pose to celebrate their natural beauty.
—Odette Hughes
Washington, DC

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