5 Smoothie Add-Ins for Optimal Health

Stick to your go-to greens and try some of these smoothie add-ins.
smoothie ingredients for optimal health

Once you’ve discovered your favorite green smoothie ingredients, you might not feel like switching things up. However, an optimal diet includes a variety of nutrients that come from different foods, says Ashley Koff, RD, a dietitian in Washington, DC. The good news: You don’t need to overhaul your preferred smoothie recipe to get the health-boosting variety Koff’s talking about. Stick to your go-to greens and try some of these add-ins:

1. Cacao

This bitter, beanlike seed from which chocolate is made is a great addition if you need a pick-me-up, says Koff.

2. Citrus Peels

Sounds crazy, but a good blender will finely grind orange, lemon, and/or lime peels so they’re incorporated into your smoothie, giving you a dose of flavonoids—powerful antioxidants shown to help lower chronic inflammation, prevent cancer, and more.

3. Hemp Seeds

These tiny seeds add a mild, nutty flavor, plus they’re a complete protein and contain anti-inflammatory omega-3s, fiber, iron, and magnesium.

4. Matcha

This concentrated green-tea powder will give your smoothie a caffeine boost, plus a hefty dose of antioxidants.

5. Spices

Black pepper, cayenne, chili flakes, and cinnamon are warming and can help support a healthy metabolism.

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