5 Things to Know About TV Exec + Yogi Brett Bouttier

Meet Brett Bouttier, President of the multiplatform media company AwesomenessTV in Los Angeles.
Brett bouttier

President of the multiplatform media company AwesomenessTV in Los Angeles

1. He's been doing yoga for 8 years.

I’ve been going to the same yoga class with vinyasa teacher Matthew Reyes in Santa Monica every Saturday morning for the past eight years. I do other things—running, swimming, biking—but yoga exercises a different set of muscles and pushes a different set of limits. It’s a reset for me: a physical and mental cleanse.

2. Yoga helps him unplug.

My work is never-ending, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. I always have four or five things going on at once. Yoga is the only time I don’t have my cellphone near me. Working at a digital company, there’s an extraordinary amount of communication, so not talking to anyone for an hour is rare. Yoga gives me an opportunity to find some peace while everything is still going on around me.

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3. Yoga makes him patient.

I’m not a patient person. Yoga has helped me learn how to be more considerate and to really listen, because we all have our own process. It’s like when you know the answer and want to shortcut something at work, but you’ve got to let your team come up with the solution on their own. Yoga has helped me see the benefit of staying patient throughout that process. After all, yoga isn’t about going out and running five miles as fast as you can; it’s about holding the pose.

4. He does yoga with his kids.

It’s hard for me to do more than one class a week with my schedule. I’m running a company that is growing really quickly. We make TV. We make movies. We have digital channels that target teens and kids and moms. It’s really time-consuming and intense. If it’s been a long day and I’m feeling particularly stressed, I’ll do poses with my kids at home. My eight-year-old and six-year-old love it. We do Planks, Downward-Facing Dogs, Upward-Facing Dogs, and maybe Plow. We’ll just get on the floor in one of their rooms, stretch out, and breathe.

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5. He's adding lunch yoga to his office.

I’m looking into expanding our office space right now, which is great because we could bring my yoga teacher in to do classes. Any time you can separate yourself from the daily intensity of work, you come up with new ideas, because it gets you out of your routine. Yoga makes you sharper and smarter, and gives you more energy. That’s right up there with a free lunch, right?

Brett Bouttier's Words to Live By

“Never give up. It’s just that simple. Always hang in there to achieve what you know you have the capacity to do.”

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