5 Things You Should Know About Actress Perrey Reeves

Meet actress, vegetarian, and owner 
of The Sanctuary at Two Rivers yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

Actress, vegetarian, and owner of The Sanctuary at Two Rivers yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

1. She started yoga, thanks to an ex

An ex-boyfriend got me started with yoga in 1993. I was really into vinyasa flow before they called it that. At my first class, somebody injured me; he hyperextended my knee. It made me very, very cautious, and it made me realize that you can’t just let anyone touch you. And you really need to know your body. So I educated myself and did some very intense Ana Forrest workshops, and later, teacher trainings with Eric Schiffmann and Rod Stryker.

2. Practicing yoga keeps her grounded

When I started doing yoga, I was really athletic. I still am, but it’s never been about the workout for me. It’s usually about my state of mind. I have a ton of energy, and to be able to pull it together and focus on what I need to focus on without distractions, to really become more grounded, is a big benefit of yoga for me.

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3. She built a yoga retreat center in Costa Rica

I moved to Costa Rica while I was filming [the HBO TV series] Entourage, so I’d work on the show for four months, then I’d live in Costa Rica the other eight. I bought a 40-acre property between two rivers, and my dream was to open a yoga retreat center. So I set about building The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, and it was not easy in the middle of the jungle. It turned out better than I’d envisioned. You feel like you’re outside: The open-air pavilion and guesthouses are right in the trees, we filter our water from a waterfall, you eat with the seasons, and you get up when the sun rises.

4. She’ll do yoga anywhere

I practice wherever I go. I’ve done a lot of yoga in hotel rooms around the world. When I’m working, I’ll do yoga in the trailer to rest and rejuvenate. I’m also the girl who does yoga in her pajamas: I get up, roll over, have some tea, and then get to it.

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5. She uses a home altar in her meditation practice

I have a specific area in the house, an altar of sorts, where I do my meditation practice. It’s a really simple mantra meditation to clear my mind. The only other person who knows my mantra is the person who gave it to me.

Perrey Reeves’ Words to Live By

“Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should—
which is really my approach to yoga. You have to respect your boundaries.”

Favorite Pose

Vrksasana (Tree Pose). I love the solid ground the pose grows from. My roots are keeping me strong, and my arms are like branches that let the breeze flow through them.

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