5 Ways to Show Gratitude for Your Mom on Mother’s Day

New York City-based yoga teacher Kat Fowler shares 5 ways to show your gratitude and give back to your mom (and other loved ones) this Mother’s Day.
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Kat Fowler and her mom.

Kat Fowler (right) and her mom.

Mother’s Day is an important holiday for New York City-based yoga teacher Kat Fowler, who loves to spoil her mom with gifts, cards, and of course, yoga! “Mother's Day is so special, because we have the opportunity to celebrate and show gratitude to our mothers for their gift of unconditional love and for bringing us into this world,” she says.

Yoga Journal caught up with Kat to see how she plans to honor her mom this year, as well as the other special women in her life. Here, she shares 5 ways to show your gratitude and give back to your mom (and other loved ones) this Mother’s Day.

1. Send a text.

My mom is my rock and my foundation, and without her love and care I wouldn't be who I am today. Every morning, I send my mom a good morning text and tell her I love her. There are many other ways to show your mom you care, but that's my personal ritual.

2. Select a meaningful gift.

When it comes to giving gifts, I try to give something that is personal and caring, something that will make my mom feel special, loved, and pampered. I've given her an essential oil diffuser, because I know she'll use it at home and it will bring her happiness—even if I'm not there. Her favorite scents are lavender and geranium, so I always make sure to bring those over when I see her. I love Nature’s Truth’s Lavender Essential Oil Cream, Peppermint Essential Oil Roll-On, and their new Lavender Essential Oil Bubble Bath.

3. Spend time together.

Sometimes I offer my mom and the other special ladies in my life a private yoga lesson, geared toward their personal needs. For Mother's Day, I also love taking my mom out to lunch with my family and afterward heading to the beach to spend some quality time there with her.

4. Say a prayer.

Saying a prayer for your mom, and all the amazing women in your life—along with stretching that circle further to all the women in world, wishing them health, happiness, and blessings—is an amazing, uplifting, and internal way of showing gratitude, especially if your family is long-distance.

5. Write a handwritten card.

I've learned it's the gifts that come from love and thoughtfulness that always bring the most joy. Usually I write a beautiful handwritten card telling my mom how much I love her, and it’s the best gift of all.

About our Writer

Kat Fowler is a New York City-based yoga and meditation teacher known for her lighthearted and inspirational style of teaching that encourages personal expression, inner connection, and courage through the practice. She teaches and mentors in NYC at Yoga Vida, privately, and online. Learn more about Kat at katfowleryoga.com.

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