5 Ways to Turn Away Potential Yogis

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Yoga is more popular than ever. And people tend to either really love it, or have absolutely no interest whatsoever. If you’re a yoga lover, it can be incredibly frustrating to hear that someone you care about has no interest in the practice that has transformed your life. You want the best for the people you love, and if yoga has helped you feel better, of course you want to share that with those around you. Unfortunately, sometimes our efforts to convince our loved ones to come with us to a yoga class can backfire. Here are 5 ways to send the non-yogi people in your life running as far away from the yoga studio as they can get.

1. Be pushy. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than someone trying to push his or her lifestyle on you. It doesn’t matter if that person has your best interest at heart or not, there’s a natural tendency to resist what sounds like a hard sell. If you push yoga on your spouse, family member, or friends, they won’t want to do it.

2. Make it seem extreme. It’s intimidating enough to see pictures of people twisted into the shape of a pretzel. But for a beginner, the idea of meditating for long periods of time or going on extreme cleansing diets can make yoga seem less accessible. If you’re trying to convince someone to take up yoga, keeping the tone light and fun might be the best tactic.

3. Talk about your practice constantly. I love yoga so much, I could easily turn any topic of conversation into a deep discussion about yoga philosophy. I can also see how annoying that might be to someone who doesn’t know mula bandha from a hole in the ground. Unless someone specifically asks me about yoga, I try to keep my enthusiasm to myself.

4. Have a holier-than-thou attitude. Why would anyone want to go into a classroom of people who think they’re better than others? Make sure that’s not the tone when you talk about the many benefits you’re reaping from your practice.

5. Grumble. In my experience, the best way to get someone interested in something you do, is to show them how happy, balanced, and fulfilled you are. If you come across as a grouchy person who’s always complaining, people aren’t going to want to follow in your footsteps. So if you want your loved ones to take up yoga and take better care of themselves, show them how much it’s helped YOU by being cheerful, happy, and warm as much as possible.