5 Ways Yoga Can Save You Money

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1. You might get fewer speeding tickets. Yoga teaches us to slow down and enjoy the present moment, and that can result in less road rage (and the bad driving

decisions that come with it.). I’m just sayin’…

2. Cut down on medical bills. This is just a theory, but I think I take fewer trips to the doctor because of my yoga practice. Some people say that it reduces stress, which can be harmful to the immune system, and that the physical exercise helps to protect our bodies from injuries. I’m not a doctor, so I am not qualified to write such things. But I will say that yoga puts me in the mind set of prevention and self-care. I eat better, floss, and generally pay more attention to my health because of my yoga practice, and that means fewer medical bills.

3. No costly gym memberships. I know, I know. A monthly membership at a posh yoga studio is more expensive than some heath clubs. But if you’re looking to save money, yoga is something you can do at home for FREE. If you need the guidance of a teacher, just pop in a DVD or look up some free classes on YouTube. I promise it can be just as good!

4. Shop less. Some people eat ice cream when they’re feeling down. Others just shut down. Then, there are those of us who buy new shoes to make us feel better about life. I’ve learned that the more yoga I do, the less “stuff” I need to feel happy and fulfilled. I don’t need a day at the spa or a psychotherapist to validate my worth.

5. Conservation. One of the tenants of yoga is ahimsa, which means nonharming. While there may be some controversy in the yoga community about what exactly it means to practice ahimsa (mostly around the issue of vegetarianism), one thing we can all agree on is that we do less harm when we use fewer resources. The more we conserve, the less money we spend.

For me, nothing feels better than putting my yoga into action in my life. If I can save a few dollars in the process, it’s just icing on the cupcake!

Erica Rodefer is a writer and yoga enthusiast in

Charleston, SC. Visit her blog,, follow her on Twitter, or like

her on Facebook.