5 Yogis Share How Practicing Near Water Inspires Them

These YJ readers tell us how striking a pose next to water gives their practice a lift.

Want to enhance your practice with a little inspiration from nature? Readers share how water inspires their yoga practice.

“I’ve discovered that compact sand at low tide makes the best practice surface for Handstands. Plus, you can fall without any worries.”

-April Joy
Jersey City, New Jersey

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beach, side plank

“While in Costa Rica, I got up on the ledge of a swimming pool that overlooks the ocean. Yoga feels limitless outdoors.”

-Karla Jones
Pearland, Texas

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sup yoga

“During a yoga retreat in Maui, Hawaii, I was surrounded by nature’s beauty, dear friends, and sea turtles. I had to look up and give thanks.”

-Aimee Griffin
Mountain Home, Arkansas

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“The raw power of the water rushing under me gave me a feeling of awe. I chose Virabhadrasana II because it makes us more centered and grounded, and gives us a sense of strength and endurance in an ever-changing life.”

-Ariane Pieper
Marbella, Spain

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“In this Bharadvajasana variation, I am remembering the wisdom of acceptance and gratitude.”

-Morgan Day Cecil
Portland, Oregon

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